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Name Part № Condition Name of manufacture On stock Price Shipping time
ROTOR 246-3901-000 New Vpered No
TAIL ROTOR BLADE 246-3925-00 NEW Ulan-Ude No
TAIL GEAR BOX 246-1517-000 NEW Krasny Oktyabr No
SWASH PLATE 8-1950-000 NEW Krasny Octyabr No
ROTOR with blades 246-3904-000 NEW Vpered No
ROTOR blades 246-3925-000 NEW Vpered No
ROTOR blades1 246-3922-000 NEW Vpered No
Radio Altimeter A-034-4-22 NEW "Oktyabr" Kamenno-Uralsk No
NOSE LANDING 8A-4201-00A NEW Gidromash No
Hydraulic Accumulator 8A-5301-370-002 NEW Gidromash No
Hydraulic Accumulator1 8A-5301-370-001 NEW Gidromash No
Aviagorizon AGB96D NEW TempAvia No
Aviagorizon1 AGB96R NEW TempAvia No
Altimeter unit A-037-1G NEW "Oktyabr" Kamenno-Uralsk No
Altimeter IND A-034-4-17 NEW "Oktyabr" Kamenno-Uralsk No
Hyd. Actuator KAU-30B NEW AviaHelp No
Hyd. Actuator1 RA-60B NEW AviaHelp No
Tester PS 11-02 NEW Oktyabr No
Tester PS 11-035 NEW Oktyabr No
Battery 20NKBN-25-U3 NEW NIIHIT No
MAIN L.G. shock strut 8A-4101-00B-1 NEW Gidromash No
MAIN L.G. shock strut1 8A-4101-00B-2 NEW Gidromash No
Date storage device of FDR MLP-23-1 NEW AviaCor No
Date storage device of FDR ZBN-1-1 NEW AviaCor No
Flight date recorder BSPI-4-2 ser.2 NEW AviaCor No
Voice information reporting system ALMAZ-UPM NEW No
Flight data recorder BUR-1-2 ser.2 NEW No
Engine AI-9B NEW No
Main gear box VR-14 NEW No
Engine1 TV3-117VM ser.02 NEW No
Electric centrifugal pump ECN-91S NEW No
Wheel 865x280 КТ97-310 NEW No
Brake of wheel КТ97-220-1, -2 NEW No
3-phase static inverter ПТС-800Б NEW No
Navigation light БАНО-64-К NEW No
Navigation light1 БАНО-64-3 NEW No
Dome light of white color ПБС-1 с лампой СМЗ 28-23 NEW No
Dome light П-39 с лампой СМ 28-5 NEW No
Pressure gauge МА-60 NEW No
Gyro unit ГА-6 NEW No
Gimbal РА-37К NEW No
Protected recorder unit ЗБН-1-3 сер.3 NEW No
Modulus М11А NEW No
Angular displacement transmitter МУ-615А сер.1 NEW No
Automatic direction finder АРК-15М вар.14 NEW No
Radio Altimeter1 А-037 исп.04 NEW No
Mechanical transition unit БМП сер.2 NEW No
Radio station ОРЛАН-85СТ NEW No
Intercommunication system КМА24-24Н-70 NEW No
Radio station1 Прима-КВ NEW No
Voice recorder П-503Б NEW No

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SkyRus provides spares parts and accessories for all modifications of Russian helicopters MI-8, MI-17, KA-32 from Moscow stock and on request.

We render services to both Russian and foreign clients who operate helicopters of different utility: multiuse, commercial, cargo, rescue, fire-fighting etc.

SkyRus inventories include blocks and units for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems, radio electronic units, special equipment.

Our well-run logistics and management guarantee accurate supplies of original helicopter spares, accessories and rot blades to our clients.